Customs Tariff Code Kenya

09 June 2022

Customs Tariff Code Kenya

Kenya's import-export trade industry makes a considerable contribution to India's overall GDP percentage. It's no surprise that the port's business is expanding in this area, and we've figured out how to help you take advantage of this wonderful opportunity. At Kenya Trade Data, We recognise that the majority of import companies are involved in sourcing a diverse range of products, such as raw materials, machinery, and consumer goods. 

As a result, we offer complete import data solutions as well as export data solutions to a wide range of import and export trade companies on Kenya customs websites.

Our Kenya import and export data solutions are tailored to your specific needs in terms of quality, volume, seasonality, and region. We also assist you in obtaining precise information on critical export and import fields such as HS codes, product descriptions, duty, quantity, and pricing. The export-import data from Kenya Trade Data lays the door for profitable relationships that benefit businesses in both local and global precincts.

Kenya's top import partners, according to the Kenya shipment data, were:

  • South Africa

  • India

  • China

  • United Arab Emirates

  • United States

  • Indonesia

  • Saudi Arabia

  • Japan

Kenya's Most Valuable Imports

Kenya's top ten import commodities, according to Import Data Kenya, were 

  1. Mineral Fuels & Oils.

  2. Vehicles

  3. Animal or vegetable fats and oils Iron and steel machinery

  4. Electrical Pharmaceutical Machinery and Equipment

  5. Cereals

  6. Plastics\sProducts

  7. Paper and cardboard are two types of paper.

Kenya's top ten import products are responsible for the sale of 18 billion dollars, according to import-export data. The following was the fast-shifting import classification in Kenya's top 10 import products over the last two years:


Mineral fuels and oils are two types of mineral fuels.

Top 10 Kenyan Exports

Kenya's main exports, according to export data Kenya, were as follows:

Coffee, tea, mate, and spice trees, as well as other plants

Mineral Oils and Fuels Edible Vegetables & Certain Roots Not Knitted or Crocheted Apparel or Clothing Ores, Slag & Ash Animal Or Vegetable Fats & Oils Edible Fruits & Nuts Ores, Slag & Ash Iron & Steel and Machinery

Kenya export data statistics indicate Kenya’s top exports are responsible for 68% of the across-the-board importance of its accepted shipments listed in the last 3 years.

According to Kenyan trade data, oil grains are among the top 10 export industries that have experienced substantial growth. Clothes and appliances that were not braided or blended came in second, with a significant price rise. Coffee, tea, and spices saw the most significant drop among Kenya's top ten export categories.

Kenya's top export collaborators in 2021, according to Kenyan customs data, were as follows:

  • Uganda

  • United States

  • Netherlands

  • Pakistan

  • United Kingdom

  • United Arab Emirates

  • Tanzania

  • Rwanda

  • Egypt

  • China

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