Kenya's Main Imports

26 May 2022

kenya's main imports

How trade and growth are correlated to each other? Do you know the inner meaning of trade growth? How trade growth report is being generated? All this is related to the world economy. To experience this you need to understand the inner meaning of it. This blog will get complete details about Kenya trade data, Kenya export data, and Kenya Import data.

The correlation between growth and trade

Our world economy experiences positive economic growth in the entire global trade. Growth and trade are related to GDP growth and domestic product of a country. For Kenya trade data the GDP growth always has a higher rate of growth in trade as an output. Those forms which again experience from foreign competitors or industry like Kenya export data or Kenya import data will have an innovative and high profit.

Basic terminology

What is trade data? Trade means an economic concept that is involved in selling and buying goods and products with compensation. Kenya trade data is similar is related to global import and export of goods with compensation.

What are Kenya import-export data? The raw data keep a record of all the organizations from where the goods are exported as well as imported. This data is maintained monthly, yearly basis. It keeps on updated and changes per year.

Facts about Kenya

Given below you will get certain facts related to Kenya import-export data and other things.

  • The current GDP per capita has increased by 1.82 lacks the U.S. dollar.
  • The foreign direct investment and net inflows are 1.40 billion.
  • The export of goods and services is 10 billion U.S. dollars.
  • The import of goods and services is 20 US dollars.
  • The Kenya export data have sectors in consumer goods with 63% of total export.
  • Kenya import data have 3000 plus products.
  • The total investment rate is 16% of GDP in 2020. The inflation rate is 8% and the annual GDP growth is 5%.

The custom data of Kenya

The economic complexity index said Kenya is the 100th largest exporter in the entire world. It is 89th in a complex economy. The Kenya trade data differ from other nations. The capital of Kenya is Nairobi and the currency is the Kenyan shilling.

Importer communities

The total importers are more than 15,000 billion. The top import commodities from which Kenya import data is received are mechanical appliances of 1.7billion. The electrical machinery of 1.3 billion, iron and steel of 885 million, mineral fuel is of 847 billion plastic and other substances of 700 million, vehicles and other railways of 1.2 billion.

The top Partner of Kenya

The top import partner from which Kenya import data are as follows-

  • China is on the top list. China provides 3.7 billion products or goods and services to Kenya.
  • The United Arab Emirates provides 1.3 billion goods and services to Kenya.
  • Saudi Arabia provides 1.1 billion products to Kenya.
  • Japan provides 789 million products to Kenya.
  • South Africa provides 598 million products to Kenya.
  • The United States of America provides 556 million products to Kenya.
  • Indonesia provides 549 million products to Kenya.
  • Germany provides 415 million product to Kenya
  • The least countries like Russia provide 350 million and Egypt provides 342 million products.

Till now you are aware of certain terminologies like Kenya trade data, Kenya export data, and Kenya import data. How to trade growth data is correlated.” Export and import of data is a boost for GDP and economy”.

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