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HS Code 0711 Import Data kenya, Import Data of HS Code 0711 kenya

30-Sep-2019 7117900000 NECKLES China 74 kg 156.753374132614 View More
30-Sep-2019 7117900000 JEWELLERY ACCESSORIES China 408 kg 836.699124903624 View More
27-Sep-2019 7117190000 Multipack Hoop 6pk Stud Cut Ou,Drop Tassel Metal Resin,Ring Pack Planet Sparkle South Africa 12 kg 145.376944872783 View More
27-Sep-2019 7117110000 Multipack 20pk TBC,Stud Round Encased Cord South Africa 13 kg 159.376894757132 View More
25-Sep-2019 7117110000 Stud Flw Metal Mesh Stud Oct Perspx Spark Stud Round Fabric Zebra Stud Square Wood China 104 kg 59.0215290092521 View More
25-Sep-2019 7117190000 Hoop XL Hex Gltter Tex Multipack Hoop 3pk Moon Sml Ch Drop Shell Perspex Wd NECKLACE SINGLE GEM China 5 kg 62.1204619313801 View More
25-Sep-2019 7117900000 Choker Stretchy 3PK Green China 1 kg 10.9683969737857 View More
25-Sep-2019 7117110000 MULTIPACK 9PK STUD HP METAL TA South Africa 2 kg 18.1947223400154 View More
25-Sep-2019 7117900000 Choker single Spark Collar Statement Rubberised Hoop XL Round Flat Bot Tex Drop Tassel Basic Square Drop Perspex Rect Tort China 13 kg 170.560425019275 View More
25-Sep-2019 7117110000 1X40FT.CTR,STC 18,729PKGS,MULTIPACK 9PK STUD HP METAL TA (HOME AND APPAREL MERCHANDISE) HOUSE-TO-HOUSE South Africa 13 kg 150.103521588281 View More
25-Sep-2019 7117190000 HOOP XXL TWIST,HOOP CLOUD, RING PACK MIXED GEM ROSE South Africa 9 kg 107.292622397841 View More
25-Sep-2019 7117900000 EARRING ACCESSORIES China 268 kg 1550.56586353123 View More
25-Sep-2019 7117190000 Pendant Heart Dbl Spark,Multipack Hoop 6pk Stud Cut Ou,Stretchy Pack Spark Irrid Oyst,Ring Pack Boho hand spark South Africa 6 kg 57.4103859868928 View More
25-Sep-2019 7117900000 NECKLACE China 840 kg 811.904368735543 View More
25-Sep-2019 7117900000 RINGS China 100 kg 652.046025443331 View More
25-Sep-2019 7117110000 Stud 2pk Encased Enamel Col Multipack 6pk Shell Starfish Stud Square Wood Multipack 6pk Flwr cut out irr Multipack 3pk XL two tone spar Multipack 2pk Stud Tex Multipack 6pk Stud Drop Fth China 27 kg 350.215467424827 View More
25-Sep-2019 7117190000 Collar Statement Metal Flw Collar Statement Multistrand Collar Torque Lurax Spark Tass Collar Torque Layered Multipack 3pk XL Peac Hoop Pack 3pk Zeb Glit Hoop Pack 3pk Heart Spark Drop Short Met Tex T China 45 kg 580.167792983809 View More
25-Sep-2019 7117190000 Drop Metal Creased Drop Tassel Basic Square Combopack Neckear Starfish Spa Combopack Neckear Pendant Dbl Strechy Pack Oyst Spark Snk Ring Pack Pretty Turnstyle Spa Ring Pack 3pk Ornate Dented Re China 15 kg 197.121763685428 View More
25-Sep-2019 7117190000 Ring Pack Boho hand spark,Stretchy Pack Spark Irrid Oyst,Drop Short Met Square C Out Te,Drop Short Met Trip Sq Dented,Multipack Hoop 5pk Mixed Metal South Africa 28 kg 321.278971665382 View More
25-Sep-2019 7117900000 Hoop Small Perspex Flat,Multipack 2pk Tassel Long South Africa 5 kg 55.3317837316885 View More

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